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VERA Project’s posters are a hit at City Hall

The VERA Project, an all-ages volunteer-fueled music and arts venue, is celebrating its 14th year of operation as Seattle’s first and foremost producer of all-ages music concerts in Seattle! Vera’s mission is to foster a participatory creative culture through popular music concerts, arts programs, experiential learning and volunteer opportunities for all ages, especially youth.

Vera1The exhibition, The Vera Project: 14 years of True and Sincere Friends kicked off Wednesday, July 8 with a reception in the lobby of City Hall. On view is a retrospective of posters created at Vera, chronicling 14 years of all-ages popular music concerts in Seattle. Along with the visual posters are compelling testimonials from volunteers about how Vera has affected and changed their lives.

As Shannon Halberstadt stated: “when the Vera Project first started, it was a major force in Seattle and difficult NOT to be involved. It was a gorgeous mash up of art, music, and activism, and something people were eager to support. I was working at the Old Firehouse in Redmond at the time, and ties were very tight between the two all-ages venues. Kate Becker was a great leader at both venues back then.”

vera2Not only do the Vera Project staff and volunteers produce the posters and music concerts, they also have classes in audio engineering, DJ-ing, music writing, concert lighting, live sound engineering, drum  tuning, multi-track recording, and of course art classes, including screen printing and color theory.

So next time you’re at the Seattle Center, stop in and see their facilities or become involved by volunteering! In the meantime, stop into the City Hall Lobby Gallery and the Anne Focke Gallery to see this fantastic exhibition. The gallery is located at 600 Fourth Avenue, downtown Seattle.

Photos by S.M. Stephens