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Apply now for Build Art Space Equitably (BASE) Program

Information Webinar September 22, 2020 | 4:30-5:30 PM
Link to webinar:
If you cannot make this webinar but would like to watch the recording, email 

The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture is now accepting applications for the Build Art Space Equitably (BASE) Program. This program, launched in 2018, responds to growing concerns we have heard from communities of color about gentrification and displacement, and the need to gain capacity in cultural space development for the stabilization, growth, and sustainability of community-led space. Broadly, we’ve heard from both the arts and cultural community and from the commercial development/property management community – both sides of the cultural space equation. Everyone has asked the same basic question – “I want to work with arts organizations / with property developers, but I don’t understand how they work. Where can I learn about the intersection of art and real estate?” Your depth of leadership and practical experience will contribute greatly to create a program that can help develop even more people to advance these efforts.

Designed out of the City’s Race and Social Justice Initiative, we’ve created a 12-month cohort program, based in communities of color, that launches a new certification curriculum for both arts and cultural professionals and real estate professionals. We hope to continue creating a network of certified experts in both equitable development and arts/cultural spaces. We launched this certification program in 2018 and hope to continue it well into the future, and potentially well beyond Seattle. Special thanks to the Wing Luke Museum, Historic Central Area Arts & Culture District, Densho, Rainier Valley Corps, and South Seattle Emerald for their input that led to the implementation of BASE.

Approximately 16-18 individuals will be selected for 2020’s cohort, which we hope will represent a balance from the real estate and the arts/cultural worlds. Members of this cohort will learn from each other and explore topics such as feasibility studies, land acquisition, property development, financing options, artist studio aggregators, raising money for nonprofit capital campaigns, and the power of community organizing, knowledge, experience, and passion will be shared collectively.

To apply for the 2020 Build Arts Space Equitably (BASE) Program, please complete this application survey by 11:59 P.M. on Sunday, September 28th, 2020. If selected, the time commitment will involve approximately 3 hours per month for a year, and you will be paid $20/hour for your time. For more information on the program and Frequently Asked Questions, we will be screening a FAQ webinar on September 22nd, from 4:30 – 5:30 PM under this zoom link, put together by our program team.