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“Universal Signs of Life” goes up in Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery

On April 17th, Universal Signs of Life goes up in the Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery in the Seattle Municipal Tower! This exhibit will feature new and selected paintings by Rajaa Gharbi. Rajaa Gharbi, a multidisciplinary artist, was raised in Tunisia, and has also lived in Morocco. She moves between Tunis and Seattle, where she creates artwork, poetry, occasionally acts in films, and explores her passion for the history of language.Contractions in the Homeland by Rajaa Gharbi 2011 Acrylic on canvas 48x36

About her work, Gharbi writes, “I use letters and language signs to draw and paint, almost every line is like a letter or a symbol. Old scripts have influenced my work. My work is very calligraphic but it’s my own calligraphic style…This is my way to reinterpret what is already there.”

The artist reception will include a poetry reading and music, and will take place on Thursday, April 24, from 11:30am-1:30pm. The exhibit will be up until July 15th, so be sure to come in and take a look next time you’re downtown!

Image pictured: Contractions in the Homeland by Rajaa Gharbi, 2011
Courtesy of the artist.