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Artists: Get Counted!

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The Office of Arts & Culture has launched a Cultural Space Inventory to count every square foot of arts & cultural space in Seattle. To date we have counted almost 5 million square feet, a mammoth number, and a great lobbying tool for the demonstration of a vibrant, viable, powerful arts sector.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have a creative artspace? A studio, a rehearsal room, an editing suite, a table in the corner of the kitchen?* Get counted. Take this quick, painless, multiple-choice survey and tell us something about your cultural space.

Think of this the way you think of the national census. In order to help you, in order to better serve you (as corporate as that sounds) we need to know more about you. Get counted.

Feeling shy? You can also fill out this survey anonymously by putting John/Jane Doe in the name field.

This email is intended for individual artists. If you have an organizational space (a theater, a gallery, a cinema…) please fill out the organizational survey, here.

*Yes, we’re serious. The smallest cultural space we’ve counted to date is a 46-square-foot worktable in a theatermaker’s kitchen, where he creates shadow-puppets for grandiose productions. However small, however nontraditional, if you’ve got dedicated space for your arts practice, we want to hear about it and count it.