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The Act of Love

City Arts, City Arts Staff

In honor of Valentine’s Day, City Arts brings you “The Act of Love” featuring three couples who collaborate on their creative projects. Among them are two of Seattle theatre’s top designers, a pair of photographers and a duet of performers that share tales of making art together.

An Artful Center

No Umbrella: The Seattle Travel Blog, Tracey Wickersham

Manhole covers. Bus shelters. Transit tunnels. Construction fences.  These could be ugly and utilitarian, but in Seattle, they are often works of art, thanks to our long standing Art in Public Places program. Here in the upper Northwest corner of the country, we like to integrate art into our environment.

An Interview with Art History Itself: The Painter, Champion, and Designer Rolon Bert Garner

The Stranger, Jen Graves

Depending on your age, you either can’t imagine Seattle art without Rolon Bert Garner, or you’ve never heard of him. He was at the heart of it starting in the 1960s and didn’t leave the city until 2000, when he moved with his dying wife to Whidbey Island, where he himself was diagnosed with COPD and congestive heart failure. His condition keeps him from being able to talk for too long, but he agreed to an interview and we made a go of it for around 40 completely enjoyable minutes by phone. While you’re reading this, picture him not at home on an island, but holding court in one of the several bars he haunted back in the day.

I Forgot to Mention the Piece by Rolon Bert Garner That You’ve Probably Seen Already

The Stranger, Jen Graves

It’s called Equality: a grid of little houses that look like board game pieces made in granite, juxtaposed against a big old bronze house on a hill. But where there’s equality here, it looks more like deadening sameness. And the overarching picture—of the big house overlooking all the rest—is of inequality.

Several from The Seattle Times:

At SAM, a grand show from London’s Kenwood, and Seattle collectors

Michael Upchurch

It may sound counterintuitive, but the best way to see the art treasures of London’s Kenwood House is in Seattle.

‘War Horse’ is a peak theater experience

Misha Berson

Like most peak theater events, this extraordinary production transports us to an imaginative plane where we can relearn essential truths.

Andre Feriante woos your valentine with Beatles’ love songs

Paul de Barros

“My music is like entering a meadow,” says guitarist Andre Feriante, as he offers an impromptu recital, perched on a chair in his cozy Georgetown cottage. “It’s not super impressive right away, you have to let yourself slip into it.”

‘Living kaleidoscope’ will adorn SAM building

Michael Upchurch

Seattleites will have a chance to gaze into the soul of their city when the Seattle Art Museum unveils its new permanent outdoor art installation, Doug Aitken’s “MIRROR,” on March 24. There will be plenty of free festivities surrounding the piece’s unveiling.