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Seattle ranks third in nation on Vitality Index

Seattle is among the most vital cities in the U.S., according to a new Vitality Index. Creative Cities International, a New York-based urban development company, recently released its Vitality Index rankings for the top U.S. cities. Seattle is strong at number 3, preceded by New York and Chicago and followed by San Francisco and Boston. The variables are based on quantitative factors including economic development and education levels and qualitative measures ranging from what city dwellers like best about their city to what could make it livelier. 

The index hopes to encourage policy-makers to focus on choices that enrich the lives of residents. The creative, cultural and economic strengths of a city were key aspects in the assessment, as well as community gathering places such as public plazas and art festivals.

Download the report  here.

The report states, “The vitality of a creative city distinguishes it from just any urban environment. The exemplar creative city is full of energy, opportunities and interesting people combined with a bit of edginess. That creative tension, which is the result of an entrepreneurial spirit combined with restless talent wanting the city to be more remarkable or provide better outlets for ideas and energy equals what we call ‘good messiness.’ It is the energy we find in exciting places that is difficult to define but immediately felt.”