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Poetry in Place: Kathya Alexander

For National Poetry Month 2024, Civic Poet Shin Yu Pai is launching Poetry in Place. This public poetry project includes the work of five local artists on the theme of Seattle places and sustainability at sites all across the city.

The Visit 
by Kathya Alexander

The sun is drooping behind her house.
The bright spring day is warm and nice.
The evening’s bathed in a pinkish glow.
Miss Grosvenor’s voice is strong but low.
“How you doing? Come take a seat.”
I sit down on her wooden steps.
The flowers in her yard are blooming.
Red and pink fluffy rhododendrons.
They make my eyes water and itch.
We both live in the Central District.
Miz Grosvenor’s nearly 100 years old.
She’s lived in this house since she was born
on some land her daddy bought.
Now she’s the only Black family left on her block.

Visit Wa Na Wari in the Central District to see Alexander’s poem. You can also download the postcard and poster versions for yourself on our website.

Kathya Alexander is an author, playwright, storyteller and teaching artist. Her debut novel will be published by Aunt Lute Books in 2024.

Learn more about Civic Poet Shin Yu Pai’s public poetry campaign

Designed by Jayme Yen. This public poetry program is made possible by the Academy of American Poets with funds from the Mellon Foundation. This project was also supported by The Windrose Fund.