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Poetry in Place: Joe Nasta

Photo by Joe Nasta

For National Poetry Month 2024, Civic Poet Shin Yu Pai is launching Poetry in Place. This public poetry project includes the work of five local artists on the theme of Seattle places and sustainability at sites all across the city.

Urban Bees, Blue Hour 
by Joe Nasta

Our honey frames weigh heavy,
the second summer dahlias bloomed
under gossamer sun & we vibrate softer
now. We are ready for the coming chill

together on our scattered rooftops.
We made more than enough
to share, so lick the inside of the jar
& buzz: We dare to hope.

The bearded beekeeper will return,
tend to our hive with his bare hands.
The purple sweet gum leaves will fall
but soon they will be green again.

The day ended gold behind the Olympics.
Remember us tomorrow when you swirl
your coffee and smear your toast
with salmonberry jam.

Visit Slide Gallery in Belltown to see Nasta’s poem. You can also download the postcard and poster versions for yourself on our website.

Joe Nasta is a queer artist and writer based in the Seattle area. Ze is the head curator of Stone Pacific Zine and the author of two self-published books of poetry.

Learn more about Civic Poet Shin Yu Pai’s public poetry campaign.

Designed by Jayme Yen. This public poetry program is made possible by the Academy of American Poets with funds from the Mellon Foundation. This project was also supported by The Windrose Fund.

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