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Poetry Garden Art Series 2017: Jennifer Szabo

May 6 – August 4, 2017

The interaction of culture and landscape is at the heart of Jennifer Szabo’s work. Untitled looks to encapsulate the impact Festál has made over time in a single place and moment of time. In visiting the site, Szabo felt the importance of what she considers the “mother tree” of the space behind the screens. The tree acts as a metaphor for this place and time–Seattle’s keeper of history. Using colored string, with each hue representing a different culture, Szabo creates an abstract representation of the Festál calendar.

The colored strings represent the vibrancy that Festál adds to life in Seattle, as well as how the cultures represented are woven into the fabric of place and become rooted there.

About the Poetry Garden: The Poetry Garden was envisioned at its inception to be a site for temporary art activations. The garden, in the heart of the Seattle Center campus, is composed of crushed granite paths punctuated by 12 sculpted, polished, pink granite boulders engraved with an eclectic selection of poems by various authors. The boulders were sculpted and sited by artist/sculptor John Hoge.

Photos courtesy of Office of Arts & Culture.