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“Wind and Water” installed at Fire Station 20

At Interbay’s Fire Station 20, artist Rob Ley installed Wind and Water, an artwork that represents these two classical elements. To create this piece, Ley spent time with the firefighters at this fire station, riding along with them on the job and discussing the nature of fire. It was during this time Ley learned about the delicate interplay between fire, wind and water that inspired this piece.

F5eltIRWUaqwN1LWHMN7ivkay5sK3O3hnxDxIAHNJ2o,s0UeVPxl5JZY90AFP345mJAulHJGDihsL_sJcAVMHGEThe artist created Wind and Water using over 100 one-inch stainless steel tubes and stands over 14 feet tall. The artist welded the steel strands – which are individually 10 to 14 feet long – together in a wave formation that brings to mind the flow of water or movement of the wind. The sculpture engages pedestrians walking by, and frames the entrance to the building.

Rob Ley was selected in 2011 to create artwork for Fire Station 20. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, he is an artist trained as an architect who often creates multi-dimensional public artworks using sustainable materials. He founded Urbana Studio in 2002, which focuses on developing environments that respond to the human experience. He also has many public artworks across the country, including works in Los Angeles, New York City and Denver.

8ghppEGxtTDUNocHioZXaKFxzFX3sEv1VEkj55Yrf6k,zyLpEKQ2_bnskqY9etxS44PFKefE4IpWutcwy5fx-ycThe Office of Arts & Culture commissioned Water and Wind with Department of Finance and Administrative Services Fire Facilities and Emergency Management Levy 1% for Art funds. Photos courtesy City of Seattle.