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SPACE Gallery at Magnuson Park features city’s portable works collection

Thousands of the city’s portable works collection are featured on a rotating basis around municipal buildings downtown, and now some of the collection will be featured at the SPACE Gallery at Warren G. Magnuson Park’s Building 30. A curated selection of the many artworks owned by the city will grace the walls of SPACE (Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange) Gallery from October 16 to November 30.The curator for the Office of Arts & Culture, Deborah Paine, chose dynamic and dramatic works for the large walls in the gallery space, and the artwork includes abstract and minimalist themes, as well as some pieces made of found materials.

Building 30, once a naval base, is now owned by Seattle Parks & Recreation, and has been reclaimed as artist studios, an event space (the ‘Officers Club’) and SPACE gallery. SPACE Gallery funds, facilitates and promotes arts and cultural uses around Magnuson Park to serve a diverse public and benefit the community. The gallery also strives to collaborate with the broader Seattle community making this exhibition of selections from the city’s portable works collection a fitting debut show for the new SPACE gallery.

Hansen CL01.110.01One of the pieces on display is an early minimalist artwork by Robert Maki from 1969-71, featuring a single sheet of polyurethane enamel on aluminum, distinguished by its unique shape and single curved arc that bisects the piece. Gaylen Hansen’s Locusts and Bird, from 1998 (pictured at left), portrays the death of a crow and its consumption by grasshoppers, all done in Hansen’s signature painting style.

Other artists included in the exhibition are Ross Palmer Beecher, Ronald Bladen, John Feodorov, Mary Henry and Isaac Layman. The show will be open Thursdays and Fridays, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We hope you enjoy this show next time you’re at Magnuson Park or Building 30!