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Calling all interested voters!

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Where do your school board candidates stand on the arts? Ask them!

With hundreds of Washington school board positions up for election this fall, voters have a critical opportunity to select leaders who are committed to providing the high quality, sequential arts learning that every student deserves (and that the law requires)! But how will you know which candidates support arts education?

 ArtsEd Washington is sponsoring a School Board Candidate Survey on Arts Education. 

ArtsEd Washington is asking every concerned arts advocate in every school district to sign on as a smARTS Champion, pledging to ask their school board candidates to complete the survey and make their positions known. ArtsEd Washington will then post their responses online for voters to consider before making their school board decisions.

Become a smARTS Champion!

The Office of Arts & Culture  is joining ArtsEd Washington in this effort.  We encourage you to join a team of engaged education and arts advocates in asking your School Board Candidates to go on the record on arts education. Your participation helps your candidates to understand that the arts are an important part of each child’s education. Register to be a smARTS Champion in your district and  ArtsEd Washington will make it easy – helping you access your candidate info, an email template, and a link to the survey.  Enroll to participate at