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What We’re Reading This Week


Creative Class

City Arts, Jonathan Zwickel

Whether or not you have a kid in school, the future depends on arts education.


Stars shine at We Day, inspire students to change the world

The Seattle Times, Jack Broom

Key Arena rocked with shouts, cheers and chants Wednesday, but by the end of the day, it was clear the most important aspect of We Day was not the event itself, but what happens next.


Seattle Design Center becomes art-gallery magnet

The Seattle Times, Michael Upchurch

Seattle Design Center responds to some rental vacancies by inviting art galleries into its mix, including Center on Contemporary Art (where “The New Neo-Naturalists,” is on display through April 12, 2013) and Seward Park Clay Studio.


What Is This, Footloose?

Laura Dannen, Seattle Met

Down with the Dance Tax? Join the Dance-In. Century Ballroom wants to see you at the capitol in Olympia on April 1. All feet welcome.


Diet of Worms

Jen Graves, The Stranger

Where Barbara Earl Thomas’s people are from, worms are called night crawlers. Night Crawlers and Earthworms is her etching of three people lying on the pages of an open book. A wall of serpentine grass rises behind them as they focus on their work, intently plucking wriggling night crawlers from the thicket of pages.


Deep Impact

City Arts, Rachel Gallaher

KT Niehoff revolutionized contemporary dance in Seattle. Now she choreographs a collision of disciplines in an ambitious, year-long project.