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Weekly Art Hit: ‘Retro Stuff – Stars and Stripes Tea Pot #10’ by Richard Marquis

In honor of Election Day, here’s Richard Marquis’ patriotically-themed blown glass Retro Stuff – Stars and Stripes Tea Pot #10 (or coffee pot, however you want to see it…) from 1997.

“His teapots are the one body of work that continues throughout Marquis’ career beginning in the mid-1960s when he was working with ceramics. At every point he has made them, they have always been invested with something different and new. In a fortuitous marriage of one of his signature motives and forms, these borrow from the ‘stars and stripes’ theme he worked into so many of his objects,stated Seattle’s former Elliott Brown Gallery.

In the book Richard Marquis Objects, Vicki Halper, curator for the 1997-98 Marquis exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum, said, “He snatched the teapot, a classical clay form and the nemesis of the utilitarian potter, and made it his signature in glass.”

The artwork is from Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art Portable Works Collection. The city’s Portable Works Collection is a rotating collection of more than 2,800 artworks in all media, representing hundreds of artists collected by the city since 1973.

And if you haven’t already, get out and vote!

Image: Richard Marquis, Retro Stuff – Stars and Stripes Tea Pot #10, 1997. Photo by Spike Mafford.