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It’s electrifying!

Last week Lanny Bergner installed his work Electrifying the Grid at Seattle City Light’s (SCL) South Service Center.  The piece is located in a conference room and consists of seven wall mounted painted MDF (a type of fiberboard) panels, each serving as backing boards for 16 patterned and burned stainless steel, mesh 3-D forms. The mesh forms are mounted creating a four-by-four-foot grid.

Bergner’s artwork is inspired by electrical grids, energy transmission, pulsing energy sources, electrical sparks and lightning. It is dedicated to the men and women who construct and maintain the SCL electricalgrid. The artwork represents light, energy and the structural power needed to harness it. The piece was funded by SCL 1% for Arts funds. 


IMAGE: Electrifing the Grid by Lanny Bergner. Photos by Spike Mafford.