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Public Art Feature | Angie Hinojos

Chalchiuhtlicue, 2023, Angie Hinojos

We spoke with artist Angie Hinojos about her experience being on the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture’s Public Art Artist Roster! Angie is a Mexican American painter and sculptor. She is a public artist, the co-founder and Executive Director of Centro Cultural Mexicano, and serves on the Board of Directors for 4Culture. She is also Chair of the WA State Commission on Hispanic Affairs, Trustee for Cascadia College, and past Chair of the Redmond Arts and Culture Commission. As a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in architecture, she has a deep appreciation for the built environment, which has influenced her sculptural work. Interested in highlighting untold stories and amplifying unheard voices, her practice integrates social justice advocacy, history of place, and community engagement.

As part of the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture’s program FLOW: Art Along the Ship Canal, Angie’s public art piece, Water Songs, is currently on view at Stone Way N between N 34th St and N 35th St.

selfie of woman with long hair standing next to colorful painting
Angie Hinojos with her artwork, The Five Creations

As a Mexican American artist, I am honored to promote the visibility of our culture, traditions, and stories through art.  Art in public spaces allows us to share in a common experience and creates space for exposure to new ideas; art pushes us to change our perspective and connect with others in deeper ways.  As part of the Seattle Public Art Artist Roster, I have been able to share my work and our stories, with the belief that our collective strength comes from the struggles and triumphs of those who came before us.  Art is the language of those who love, who perceive the world in all its infinite beauty and mystery, and of those who seek to share that experience with others to give us courage in solidarity. 

Angie Hinojos
angled photo of colorful painted mural on wall
Water Songs, Angie Hinojos, Stone Way N between N 34th St and N 35th St
colorful painted mural along top of wall in a classroom setting
Joy, Angie Hinojos

As part of Centro Cultural Mexicano regular radio series, Radio Ya es Tiempo 1540 AM, Angie interviewed fellow Roster artists Periko the Artist (Gerardo Peña) and Amaranta Sandys about their art, career, and experiences with the Public Art Artist Roster.

brightly colored square pyramid shaped structed with paintings covering it on a black background
The Dialect of the Heart, Angie Hinojos

The Public Art Artist Roster is currently open to apply! Artists are invited to apply for our upcoming public art projects. All experience levels are welcome. The Roster will be used for commissioning new, original, and site-responsive public artwork and is the primary method for selecting newly commissioned artists.