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GZR at Art Beat: June Edition

Artist Agustina Forest (left) talks with one of the subjects of her art Purple Mark (right) at the opening of her show “Spotted in Seattle” at the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture King Street Station Gallery on May 4, 2023; Photo by Marcus Donner.

The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture is partnering with Ground Zero Radio (GZ Radio) to expand and support youth-led artistic programming. GZ Radio is youth-led, building community relationships and executing career-connected learning programs that empower youth to take ownership of their futures. GZ Radio youth create original content from podcasts to documentaries, Live-in studio recording sessions, In-studio interviews, and event coverage with content rooted in their community. GZ Radio also consists of a youth-driven Newsroom that allows for journalism and in-field reporting for both written and visual formats.  ARTS supports and uplifts youth voices in media to empower students while fostering future writers and content creators. 

Take a peek at some of their recent arts coverage and updates below: 

GZR Newsroom 

Pride Fashion Show Draws Crowd at WNDR Museum 
by Dominique Morales 

Bryce Rail walks arm in arm with closing model VanillaAíday Carter receiving a round of applause on June 15, 2023; Photo by Enya Garcia, courtesy of Ground Zero Radio.

“Inside the WNDR Museum, people are packed together, shoulder-to-shoulder. The room is completely transfixed by the presence of the illuminated runway—all while lyrics to “My Hair Looks Fierce” by Amanda Lepore bounce off the walls—adding to the electric atmosphere.” 

This was the setting for the WNDR After Dark x Pride Fashion Week, an immersive fashion show held at the museum on June 15. 

Spotted in Seattle: Agustina Forest’s visual love letter to the Emerald City 
By Dominique Morales 

Spotted in Seattle is a masterpiece of visual storytelling, with 30 works of art including epoxy resin sculptures, pencil sketches, and oil pastel pieces. Through this eclectic collection, Forest paints a picture of the people and scenery she has observed during her time in Seattle.” 

Sonic Sludge 

Season Finale of Sonic Sludge Featuring Turian

For the final episode of Sonic Sludge, creator Lily Rodriguez brought the noise with rock/hardcore metal band Turian. Sonic Sludge will be back in late summer/early fall to bring you all new episodes featuring local based bands from the PNW.   

Short Film: Dearest Partner of Greatness 

Ground Zero Radio’s short film, Dearest Partner of Greatness, premiered at Seattle Rep for the second annual Youthfest. From solo performances to full-length plays and beyond, this two-day festival showcases the work of some of the most talented youth in the Pacific Northwest. You can watch their interview with the writer and star of the short film, Sadie Ginglod.

Dearest Partner of Greatness  
A Ground Zero Radio production 
Written by and Starring: Sadie Gingold 
Directed by: Kylie Rowland 

Movie poster of a robed person in silhouette, holding a crown dripping with blood above their head. The tagline: "Lying is easy" is overlaid on the figure.
Artwork by Darani Soun

About the short film: Murder, power, sex, and honesty. A modern-day Lady Macbeth is an actress fighting for roles in an industry desperate to silence women’s voices. A chance encounter with the talented Max Bethel sends her on a spiraling path into marriage, madness, and murder.  Dearest Partner of Greatness explores what it means to be a good person and the lengths to which we’ll go for those we love. 

GZR Podcast Releases 

The HEAT.ed Podcast 

Welcome to HEAT.ed! This podcast is here to educate you on controversial- or heated if you will- topics. We (Jack and Daniel) are here to discuss issues about the Latino Community here in King County, Washington. Welcome to the start of something beautiful and we hope you stick around for this wild ride. ¡Sí Se Puede! 

The Distorted Realm Podcast 

Welcome to the show where we explore and focus on the genres of vast gaming realms. Host Alex, interviews guests about their experiences on gaming while also discussing a featured game for the episode. After the interview stay tuned as Alex and his guest will challenge one another in actual gameplay and dive into the Distorted Realm! 

Video Production & On-Air Shows 

The GZ Radio video production and on-air teams covered a multitude of events and programs. You can watch all GZ Radio’s local arts coverage on their Instagram Stories at @gzradio

Stay tuned for more monthly recaps coming soon!