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The Creative Advantage’s “1619” Exhibit Resource Guide

The Creative Advantage invites visitors to engage thoughtfully in Mr. Delbert Richardson’s exhibition, 1619: Resistance/Resilience/Remembrance/Liberation, on view at ARTS at King Street Station through January 15, 2021. 

They are collaborating with educator consultant Rachelle Horner on these support resources for the general public and educators. 

About The Exhibit

Created and curated by Mr. Delbert Richardson of The Unspoken Truths1619: Resistance/Resilience/Remembrance/Liberation takes viewers on a chronological journey – from the beginnings of our origins in Africa, American Chattel Slavery, and the Jim Crow Era to modern-day African American originators, inventors, and innovators.

*Please note: 1619: Resistance/Resilience/Remembrance/Liberation may contain works that some visitors could find upsetting. Please connect with a visitor services staff member for more information and references.

Exhibit Resources

*Please ensure you give yourself time to center yourself before you visit the gallery. Please make sure to prepare young people for the exhibition experience and follow-up learning too. 

About Rachelle Horner

Courtesy of Rachelle Horner

Rachelle Horner (she/her) is a 14-year teaching veteran of the Lake Washington School District. She taught AP US History and the University of Washington in the High School Composition 131 and Comparative Literature 240; a social justice-focused English class. She led her school’s equity team that provided professional development on social justice pedagogy and cultural humility for staff members through collaborative and equitable partnerships with parents and students. She started a Student Equity Advisory Board and was the Black Student Union Advisor. In both spaces, she built students’ capacity for leadership on equity issues which culminated in a variety of student-led initiatives to create an equitable school culture. As a consulting teacher, she now mentors first and second-year teachers throughout the district. In addition, Rachelle is a social justice consultant working with companies around equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. Her motto is “social justice is not an additional burden you have to shoulder; it is the lens with which you choose to see the world.” 

Digging Deeper

  • Seattle Public Schools Antiracist Arts Education Task Force has developed The Roots Framework that The Creative Advantage supports.