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Miller Community Center artwork feedback wanted

In late 2021, Capitol Hill’s Miller Community Center will become home to a new solar micro-grid and a new public artwork by artist Julia Harrison.     

The artwork concept embraces themes around solar energy including sustainability and emergency preparedness, the ideals of the community center, and input from the community.  A partnership between Seattle City Light, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and Office of Arts & Culture, this new public art project weaves together a wide range of themes and inspirations through the creativity artists’ lens.  

The overarching goal of the artwork is to reflect and celebrate the varied activities and individuals that use the Miller Community Center while referencing the inventive and invisible Solar collection on the roof of the building.  Your are invited to learn more about the proposed artwork available through this video as well as additional information on the artists’ website: 

The design has not yet been finalized and your feedback is very welcome! Please feel free to contact the artist at with any comments, or to suggest additions or revisions.  

This project is commissioned through Seattle City Light % for Art Funds and Administered through the Office of Arts & Culture.