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Statement from the Seattle Arts Commission on Recent Events regarding Black Lives

In light of the recent protests that were sparked over the heinous murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and the countless other Black lives across the United States; and the anti-Blackness act to weaponize Christian Cooper are all the result of racism, police brutality and white supremacy. We are wounded, angry and outraged that the Black community continues to be victims and targets of this violence.

In the Arts Commission, diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism are always in the front of our minds and play a large component in our policies, decision making and service that we provide to both the arts and cultural communities. We see and acknowledge the hurt and pain and stand in solidarity with our Black artists, Black leaders of organizations and Black arts and cultural administrators during this painful and egregious period.

We recognize that these acts of injustice will continue to surface unless we, the arts and cultural communities collectively unite to dismantle the systemic racism that continues to cripple the Black community. We must work together to find a legislative process that legalizes Blackness and is fair and equitable to all Black artists, organizations, cultural centers, and the Black community at large. We invite everyone to stand with us as we continue to battle these issues so that the Black community does not have to continue to be impacted by these repeated, painful experiences. Only then will we be able to stand united together once we have attacked and abandoned these unhealthy ways continue to hurt our Black community.

Standing in solidarity,
Priya Frank and Dr. Quinton Morris, co-chairs Seattle Arts Commission