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Celebrate International Sculpture Day with our newest artwork “Aurora Bright Dawn”

Saturday, April 27, noon
Oak Tree Village Pedestrian Bridge
N 102nd Street and Aurora Avenue N

Guest post by artist Vicki Scuri

Tomorrow, Saturday April 27th, is International Sculpture (IS) Day, a worldwide event celebrating the many ways sculpture and public art impact and improve people’s lives. Artist Vicki Scuri, the Office of Arts & Culture, and the Department of Transportation are participating in IS Day by dedicating “Aurora Bright Dawn.” This Public Artwork combines space, color and form on an aging pedestrian bridge, promoting community connectivity and safe crossing.

Two challenges we face in the 21st century are humanizing aging infrastructure and connecting communities. This project, funded through an SDOT community grant, written by the Aurora Licton Urban Village Community, is a good example of a transformational project on Aurora Avenue in Seattle.

Inspired by the sunrise, this project adds color and pattern to an aging pedestrian bridge, transforming it into a community landmark gateway. Hundreds of translucent colorful fins transition through the hues of the sunrise across the span of the bridge. The fins elevate the bridge into a unique art experience for both the cars traveling under and the pedestrians above. The colors on the translucent fins will shift and blend as the viewer moves through the site, creating a dynamic experience. The bridge’s columns and stairs hold colorful painted graphics, connecting the artwork directly to the site.

Public Art transforms neighborhoods by promoting community values, fostering pride of ownership, social interaction, and a sense of belonging. All communities deserve safe and supportive environments. International Sculpture Day is about reflecting on all that Art and Sculpture bring into our lives, enriching our experiences and our optimism for the future.