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ARTS staff Exquisite Corpse

For National Poetry Month this year, we managed to get most of our staff to participate in writing an exquisite corpse poem. Here it is!

It was a quiet storm
broken bark let secrets loose secrets
open up and let the light shine in
dance and let the light shine out.

Let possibility be your north star
and reach for it, until your arms become the universe.
The assemblage of all existing matter, energy, and space
still can’t outweigh that little tickle of doubt
replaying in the back of your mind, over and over.
It is impossible to stop, just like that catchy theme song that you hum all day.

The world is changing, you cannot stop progress
change with the time or wake up to find the world’s left you behind
the little remembered places, full of mud and debris
and the shining city, a place of glass houses, all angles.

Amidst the storm and sharp angles, the city rejoiced to celebrate Ella Fitzgerald’s birthday
with her voice calming the world.

The squirrels continued their fight with the lobsters in Discovery Park
the wind blew and all was calm
our wretched moment had passed and we were once again alone.

And then the bunnies came
they sat among the flowers
and dreamed of a world with no pain
the dream made my nose tingle
the sensation spread and I tingled all over with elation.