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Exciting staff updates!

The Office of Arts & Culture has some exciting staff updates!

deborah jasonWe are re-organizing how the public art team is structured, and shifting some roles and responsibilities. Jason Huff is now working as our Project Management lead, supervising the work of the project managers and working on project direction and development. Deborah Paine is the lead for the Collections Management team and is overseeing collections and conservation.

calandra2Calandra Childers is also assuming a newly created Deputy Director position. This position is necessary to meet the extended work we have taken on, and take advantage of the opportunities we have available to us. Calandra is being promoted from Communications Manager into this role, and as such will be taking on policy work and relationship building for the Office.

“Calandra is the right person for this role because she has a comprehensive understanding of the work of the office across teams and she has the ability to juggle and be responsive to a diverse set of internal and external requests,” said Randy Engstrom, director.

“I’m thrilled to be stepping into this role – I can’t imagine a more exciting place to be working than at the junction of arts and culture and policy. Artists and creative workers give Seattle its vibrancy and we must support their presence in order to support our city,” said Childers.

Congrats to all staff members!