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Upcoming gallery shows in Seattle

With more than five million square feet of cultural space in Seattle, it can be overwhelming to track all the art, shows and experiences that this city provides. To make things a little more manageable, we have curated a short list of gallery shows this season (January-March) that we’re looking forward to:

Aurora Commons Community Show

Core Gallery

January 1-31

Aurora Commons is a group that’s dedicated to supporting the underserved neighborhood surrounding Aurora. It provides a place where people can find coffee, a meal, books, a computer, or a nice place to sit down for a while. This show will feature artwork made by visitors to the Commons.


Seattle Municipal Tower

January 6 – April 2

This show will highlight paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photographs from the City’s collection featuring artists who explore the nuances and variations of one color or shades of one color.


holly martz 3The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human: Mental Illness Explored through Art

Seattle City Hall

January 7 – February 27

In The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human, curator and artist Kate Vrijmoet, along with contributing artists June Sekiguchi, Holly Ballard Martz, Ezra Dickinson, Valaree Cox, Ann Teplick, John William Keedy, and Lynn Schirmer, shed light on the effect mental illness has on individuals and their loved ones. Innovation and surprise are their methods, for they intend viewers to see the subject—from the personal to the societal—anew. Catch me when I fall by Holly Martz. Photo by Cameron Nagashima.

Artists in Situ by Maylee Noah

Gallery 110

January 8-24

Beyond conveying a simple likeness, Maylee Noah’s photographic portraits of artists in their studios show elements of their inspirations and inventions as she explores the diverse and complex nature of the artistic process.

kelly_1Untitled by Ken Kelly


January 8 – 29, 2015

Untitled, Ken Kelly’s latest series, consists of five large-scale canvases – bold, abstractions of explosive color and sumptuous texture. These works revisit the more immediate, less cerebral approach to painting that marked Ken Kelly’s early career. “Eyes and Ears” by Ken Kelly




Sharon Egretta Sutton: City Life On and Off the Grid

Ethnic Heritage Gallery

January 14 – April 13, 2015

Reception January 22 | 12:00-1:30 p.m.

Orthogonal grids are ubiquitous in the cityscape. Right angles appear in the layout of streets, in the materials of building facades, in the seating of restaurants, in the books of libraries, and even in the mobile devices of urbanites. Grids are efficient because orthogonal elements can be easily stacked, multiplied, and substituted one for the other; they can be excitingly elegant or boringly graceless. The images in this show are explorations in the exciting elegance of grids. CROSSING THE RAILROAD TRACKS— IN WINTER’S STORM (B) by Sharon Egretta Sutton. 

Juan Alonso-Rodríguez: MY SWIMMING POOL

Seattle Presents

January 19 — March 20, 2015

“I recently had a dream my job was designing swimming pools based on my client’s favorite shapes and colors, so I’ve decided to temporarily make that dream come true.

I will be asking for simple drawings of what you (willing participants) would imagine your ideal swimming pool to look like and will create various sized paintings based on the audience’s input. The finished paintings will gradually fill the walls of the gallery.” – Juan Alonso-Rodriguez

Pendleton House Responds to Ann Hamilton

Gage Academy of the Arts, Steele Gallery

January 29 – February 27

Provoking curiosity, stimulating the senses and expanding boundaries, Pendleton House brings their unique vision to the Steele Gallery at Gage, in honor of and in response to the Ann Hamilton exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery.

Tariqa Waters solo show

2312 Gallery

February 3-28

“Nothin’ but blasphemous, iconoclastic fun.”


Check out a bunch of this art (and more!), all at once! Here is a list of the neighborhoods that participate in monthly art walks, and when each occurs, thanks to Art Guide NW.

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