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Remembering Mayor Paul Schell

The Office of Arts & Culture remembers former Mayor Paul Schell as an ardent supporter of the arts and purposefully-designed civic space. While at the Department of Community Development in the ‘70’s, he encouraged the use of artist-designed hatch covers, many of which are still visible on downtown sidewalks. He guided the rebuilding of the Seattle Justice Center and Seattle City Hall; we pay tribute to Mr. Schell with an artwork at Seattle City Hall, return by artist Beliz Brother.

Photo by Beliiz Brotherreturn is one of a series of three artworks located at Seattle City Hall by Ms. Brother that honor and reflect the city. Serving as a feature wall for the Bertha Knight Landes room, the artwork is composed of panels of glass showing a photographic collage of the built and natural environment of Seattle. With its amber color and suffused-focus images of building details, trees and other elements that form our physical understanding of the urban landscape, this artwork becomes an homage to the city of Seattle.

Paul Schell’s legacy includes city facilities in which art is integrated and prominently displayed, important artworks in the city’s public art collection. We offer our deepest condolences to Mr. Schell’s family and friends.