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City Arts Office Seeks Unicorn

unicornWould you like to join our team? We’re seeking that rare person who possesses the kind of excellent editing and writing skills that can turn a page of government-speak into a comprehensible (and interesting!) blog post, and who can also connect and interact with our community over our social media, effectively broadening our audience and making new friends.

Our office is going through some major growth and we have tons of exciting projects – our arts education initiative with Seattle Public Schools is launching this fall, we have a new staff position dedication to cultural space and we’re planning a fall event around that work, and we are continuing to work with other city departments to find ways to incorporate arts into the new Waterfront plan. And that’s along with supporting our thriving public art team as they integrate art and the ideas of artists into the city’s capital projects, and our funding team in their quest to best support the city’s artists and cultural organizations.

We need somebody who is fast, reliable, loves the idea of making Seattle an even better place to be an artist and enjoy the arts, and can sit down, put on the headphones and crank out five blog articles in an afternoon. This person will love finding new ways to showcase the work of the office (and the work of the artists and organizations we support) via online platforms, and will also know the AP style guide backwards and forwards. Also, a sense of humor would be lovely.

Are you our unicorn? The position is open until Sept. 10. Apply today!