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Camera obscura and ‘crystallization’ at Westlake Park

Seattle artists Elizabeth Gahan, Joseph Park and Claude Zervas will create temporary artworks for Westlake Park this summer, beginning in July. Each artwork will be an unexpected addition to daily activities in the park, as well as a dynamic backdrop to special events and music performances.

SouthPark_Phase01 (13 of 1)‘Chromatic Crystallization (Seattle)’ by Elizabeth Gahan
July 22 through Sept. 2

In Chromatic Crystallization (Seattle) by Elizabeth Gahan, “crystalline” created from corrugated plastic and colorful vinyl will appear to grow over the southern arch and central kiosk at Westlake Park. The vinyl’s slick surface and vibrant hues will reflect the flashy exuberance and commercial center surrounding the park.

cameraobscura‘shadowcube: Postcard Project in the Park’ by Joseph Park and Claude Zervas
July 12 through Aug. 12

Joseph Park and Claude Zervas will install four camera obscura booths that will allow viewers to project an image of the Westlake Park surroundings onto a postcard. The viewer can then trace a drawing of the projected image on the postcard to take as a keepsake.

Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Friday, July 12, Monday, July 15, Wednesday, July 24, Thursday, August 1, Wednesday, August 7; 12 to 2 p.m., Monday, August 12.

In case of rain, shadowcube’s hours will be rescheduled. For scheduled rain dates go here.

The temporary artworks are commissioned with Seattle Parks & Recreation 1% for Art Funds and project oversight from the Office of Arts & Culture.

IMAGES: Top: Elizabeth Gahan, Honeycomb (detail), 2012. Located at South Park Community Center in  Seattle, Wash. Photo by the artist. Bottom: Joseph Park and Claude Zervas, shadowcube: Postcard Project in the Park, 2013. Photo courtesy of the artist.