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Artists selected for ‘Art Interruptions 2013’ temporary projects

Allin by Spike Mafford (2)UPDATE: This blog post has been updated with a new image of artwork by Mimi Allen from Art Interruptions 2012.

Twelve emerging artists have been selected to create temporary art installations along the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway and the Central Waterfront for the project Art Interruptions 2013, in partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). The artworks will inhabit city sidewalks and parks and offer passers-by a brief interruption in their day, eliciting a moment of surprise, beauty, contemplation or humor. Each artist will develop a series of artworks on display for approximately six weeks beginning in August.

Artists for the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway (beginning at Daejeon Park and heading south on 18th Avenue South. and ending at 12th Avenue South and Lucille Street): Elizabeth Gahan, Brian Gerich and Ian Horton, Julia Haack, Joanne Lepore and Breanne Gearheart, Chris Papa, Annie Penta and Hollis Wong-Wear.

Artists for the Central Waterfront (on Alaskan Way between Piers 62/63 and Marion Street, including the Pike Street Hill Climb): Christian French, Jesse Link, Tim Marsden, Michiko Tanaka and Sam Trout.

More details coming soon on the projects. In the meantime, check out last year’s Art Interruptions projects.

IMAGE: Mimi Allin, Surrogate,  from Art Interruptions 2012. Photo by Spike Mafford.