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June 2016
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CityLink Seattle

Tag: portable works collection

In memoriam, Rick Bartow

The Northwest lost a great artist with the passing of Native American Artist Rick Bartow on April 2, 2016 at 69 years old. This Oregon artist was known for his transformational artwork: animal spirits and human spirits blended together in a cacophonous display of color and culture. His artwork is vivid and gripping and commands […]


Spotlight Art Tours shines a light on City of Seattle artwork

Seattle City Light, the nation’s greenest utility, has been a supporter of the city’s public art program, and its portable artwork collection since the city adopted a 1% for Art ordinance in 1973. The city’s Portable Works Collection is a rotating collection of artworks in all media including sculpture, site-specific commissions, painting, mixed media, prints, […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘Automology’ by Patti Warashina

Wrapping up the review of our ’80s collection on Weekly Art Hit, we feature Automology by Patty Warashina, one of the country’s best-known ceramic sculptors. Created in 1982, Automology plays on the idea of “bug.” As several women pull a sheet off what appears to be an iconic vehicle, an insect’s hind legs come into […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘Truckin’’ by Katherine Aoki

Happy Valentine’s Day, art lovers! Here’s Katherine Aoki’s print Truckin’ (ed. 9 of 20) from 2001, part of a themed series entitled The Construction of Modern Girlhood.  The print is multiple-plate linoleum cut with watercolor detail. The allegorical series addresses the idea of “girl power.” Aoki received her M.F.A. in printmaking at Washington University in […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘Untitled’ by Eric Eley

                  With the rains clearing up and the sun breaking through, here’s Eric Eley’s Untitled artwork from 2007 — part of a series of artworks by Eley creating atmospheric moments. By layering simple marks, Eley creates dimension by repeatedly covering each layer of drawing with a thin […]


City exhibition features ‘Women’s Stories’

Women’s Stories, on view through April 1 at Seattle Municipal Tower Gallery, features 20 artworks by 11 female artists in a variety of media, including watercolor, paper batik, oil on canvas, collograph, fabric appliqué and quilting, gouache on silk, acrylic on paper, photography and mixed media. Shefrin’s Food Drops in Afghanistan depicts women collecting food […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘Untitled Woodcut #10’ by Gary Groves

Artist Gary Groves created a series of prints related to the glacial erratic rocks of Eastern Washington and how they impact the landscape. As we teeter on the brink of a new year, these images recall other cliffs that linger in our collective psyches. In describing this particular artwork, Untitled Woodcut #10 (2001), the artist […]


Seeking atmospheric or weather-related artwork

We’re seeking two-dimensional or three-dimensional artworks depicting weather-related or atmospheric phenomena for a competitive, direct purchase for Seattle Public Utilities‘ Portable Works Collection. Artwork should reference air, water, temperature or light and may or may not be representational. All types of media will be considered. Artists working in color are encouraged to apply. The call […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘Pat (Vivian) and Sue (Woehrli)’ by Cecilia Cooney-Wickett

Congratulations to all the same-sex couples who married at City Hall on Dec. 9, and to all the couples now able to marry in the future. To celebrate, here’s Cecilia Cooney-Wickett’s charcoal drawing Pat (Vivian) and Sue (Woehrli). Cooney-Wickett was commissioned in 1986 to create a series of drawings of Seattle area couples. Her project […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘Retro Stuff – Stars and Stripes Tea Pot #10’ by Richard Marquis

In honor of Election Day, here’s Richard Marquis’ patriotically-themed blown glass Retro Stuff – Stars and Stripes Tea Pot #10 (or coffee pot, however you want to see it…) from 1997. “His teapots are the one body of work that continues throughout Marquis’ career beginning in the mid-1960s when he was working with ceramics. At […]

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