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June 2016
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Tag: artwork

Celebrate new artwork at Jackson Park Golf Course trail celebration, Sept. 28

You’re invited to the dedication of Celeste Cooning’s artwork Bounty at the Jackson Park Golf Course Perimeter Trail opening celebration, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 28. The trail is located at 1000 N.E. 135th Street. Bounty serves as a threshold for the trail and creates a sense of place at a prominent entry […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘Gazebo’ by Jean Whitesavage and Nick Lyle

A blue structure, activated with bright and bulbous flora and fauna, stands in a natural divide between the Maple Leaf Park playground and ballfields. Jean Whitesavage and Nick Lyle’s 12-foot Gazebo (1996) contains sculptural forms of plant and animals indigenous to the Pacific Northwest. Forged steel components of the gazebo include 10-foot steel crescents holding […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘Equality’ by Rolon Bert Garner and Ken Leback

On the northeastern edge of Beacon Hill along a narrow stretch of Sturgus Park above I- 90 sits a grid of 35 small identical granite houses on top of polished gray pavers. One house is missing from the grid. This 36th house appears on a column atop a grassy hill facing the smaller houses. This […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘West Seattle Cultural Trail’

As many Seattleites know, one of Seattle’s public beachfront treasures is the shoreline between Alki Point and Duwamish Head. From there, one can look out to the city’s shimmering downtown across Elliott Bay, and also catch views of the islands, beaches and coves of Puget Sound that surround our city in natural beauty. With the […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘The Unity and Oneness of All’ by Monad Graves Elohim

You open the door at the Columbia Public Health Center and are instantly greeted by a floating array of colorful, furry fabric creatures in the two-story skylight atrium. The artist, who goes by the name Monad, created The Unity and Oneness of All (1992) using a variety of colors and textures of upholstery fabric, cotton […]


‘Pillar of the Community’ installed at Mt. Baker fire station

Last week, artist Brian Goldbloom installed his new artwork Pillar of the Community at Fire Station 30 in the Mt. Baker neighborhood. The carved granite sculpture features a classical column as a 14-foot-tall fire hose with fittings inspired by firefighting equipment and the architecture of nearby Franklin High School. At the bottom of the column […]


Participate in Alaskan Way Viaduct art project

The Alaskan Way Viaduct Observation and Demolition Unit is a collaborative, temporary art installation developed by Seattle artist Dane Youngren in response to the ways downtown Seattle is changing as a result of the viaduct replacement, tunnel boring and seawall projects. The project will be take place July 1 through August 10 at Pier 62/63 […]


Artist Jen Dixon hard at work in her studio

Seattle artist Jen Dixon is closing in on completing artwork that will become part of the Linden Avenue North Complete Street Project, located on the eastern side of the street within the 13200 and 13500 blocks of Linden Avenue North. Recently the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Office of Arts and Culture project managers, […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘Seattle Scatter Piece’ by Mark Lere

Take a journey throughout the city and discover Mark Lere’s Seattle Scatter Piece, begun in 1981 and completed in 2005. The installation thematically connects the four Seattle neighborhoods of Beacon Hill, Interbay, Laurelhurst and Bitter Lake through the repetition and transformation of the iconic image of a boat. These reiterations of the boat form, created […]


Artists selected for ‘Art Interruptions 2013’ temporary projects

UPDATE: This blog post has been updated with a new image of artwork by Mimi Allen from Art Interruptions 2012. Twelve emerging artists have been selected to create temporary art installations along the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway and the Central Waterfront for the project Art Interruptions 2013, in partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation […]

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