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June 2016
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Archive for 'Weekly Art Hit'

Weekly Art Hit: dePelecyn’s “Memento” and “Short in the Tooth”

Bridges are created to carry goods, people and animals across bodies of water, and other divides. When bridges start to wear out and become unsafe, what happens to them can be dispiriting. Despite their years of service and reliability, they are replaced by younger, shinier versions of themselves who haven’t experienced years of people and […]


Weekly art hit: “Points of View”

Walking into the north lobby of the Seattle Justice Center on 5th Ave. and James St., you will find two nearly identical cones; one reaching down from the ceiling and the other rising from the floor. Aligned so that their tips nearly touch, the construction is 28 feet tall, with forms and materials (granite and […]


Weekly Art Hit: Paul Sorey’s “Tree Bench”

  At a point where two paths meet in Pratt Park, visitors will come across what seems to be a fallen, cross section of a metal tree – Paul Sorey’s Tree Bench. This twisting branch serves as a non-traditional bench, and also symbolizes the Central Area’s multiculturalism. Sorey believes that trees are appropriate symbols of […]


Weekly Art Hit: Nobuho Nagasawa’s “Water Weaving Light Cycle”

Nobuho Nagasawa’s Water Weaving Light Cycle, the artwork suspended above the Cherry Street  stairs in City Hall, connects visitors to the ever-changing environment outside.  In this dynamic,visual and auditory experience, blue light pulses along a fiber-optic cable sculpture, imitating flowing water, with movement ebbing and flowing according to outdoor weather conditions. As you’re watching the […]


Weekly Art Hit: Ann Hamilton’s “LEW Wood Floor”

At the Central Library, you don’t even need to open a book to find all sorts of written text.  Ann Hamilton’s LEW Wood Floor (2004) is composed of sentences in 11 different languages, welcoming all visitors to the library. As a continuous tactile field, the wood floor consists of 556 lines of maple floorboard routed […]


Weekly art hit: Thornton Creek by Stephen Glassman

It’s no secret that Seattle, the “Emerald City,” is known for being green – from the environmentalism to the sheer color of the landscape. What one might not know is that grass, plants, and everything green can be found even in the most unlikely of places, including incorporated on the walls of a fire station. […]


Weekly Art Hit: Dendrites, snaking & rain drums, oh my!

Imagine walking through a forest when you notice glowing snakes up in the trees, gnarled roots at your feet, and the syncopated beats of rain as water hits the ground around you – I’d say that’s a great start to a very spooky Halloween story! If you visit the Cedar River Watershed Education Center, it […]


Weekly Art Hit: A Salish Welcome by Martin Oliver

In 2010 the city restored the Salmon Bay Natural Area near the Ballard Locks in order to improve water and upland habitat for salmon and other species. In certain seasons, you can watch salmon swimming in the tides. Welcoming all to the site is Martin Oliver’s A Salish Welcome (2010), a 16-foot bronze sculpture of a […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘Highpoint’ by Daniel Laskarin

Walking up to the High Point Community Center, you are greeted by colorful set of table and chairs. Looking more closely, you notice that one chair has been displaced and is perched high above the community center atop a yellow spire that soars from the furniture grouping through the roof.  If you peer into the […]


Weekly Art Hit: ‘FlipBooks’ by Jennifer Dixon

Remember, when you were a kid, flipping the corner of a small book really quickly and watching a cartoon come to life in your hands?  The grown up (sort of) version can be seen along the Interurban Trail in north Seattle, only this time you need to move through space, either on your feet or […]

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