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July 2013
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‘Pillar of the Community’ installed at Mt. Baker fire station

IMG_2109Last week, artist Brian Goldbloom installed his new artwork Pillar of the Community at Fire Station 30 in the Mt. Baker neighborhood. The carved granite sculpture features a classical column as a 14-foot-tall fire hose with fittings inspired by firefighting equipment and the architecture of nearby Franklin High School. At the bottom of the column is a carved relief of an aerial map based on the surrounding neighborhood. Together, the two elements of the work form a symbol of firefighters’ indispensable service to and partnership with the community. Fire Station 30 is at 2931 Mt. Baker Blvd. S.

With more than 30 years of working with stone, Goldbloom is best known as a maker of site-specific constructions in granite and other durable stone for exterior public spaces. One of the marks of his work is his IMG_2093IMG_2098fusion of natural stone into the built environment, often in unexpected ways. Frequently melding seamlessly into the architectural context, his work invites viewers to become active participants in the spaces they use. Goldbloom has completed public installations for Sound Transit’s Othello Station, the Federal Way Community Center, and the University of Washington, Tacoma.

Pillar of the Community was commissioned with Department of Finance and Administrative Services Fire Facilities and Emergency Response Levy 1% for Art funds.



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